KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker

KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker

KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker

Fill your home with the enticing sweet aroma of fresh made waffles. There is no more need to slave over a hot griddle in the morning for a nutritious wholesome breakfast. You can now let the KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker do all the work. You can have perfect waffles every time in a matter of minutes with this counter top appliance.

This machine produces two round hearty Belgian waffles that are a whopping 7 inches in diameter and over 1 inch thick. They will be crispy on the out side and soft and fluffy on the inside just like a waffle is supposed to be. Not only will this small appliance make breakfast easier, it can be fun as well. There is nothing more gratifying than pouring the batter in to the waffle baker and in just minutes, opening it up to see the beautiful waffles that were created.

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No more burns or worries of scolding hot handles or lids. On the KitchenAid waffle baker, they both stay cool to the touch. Clean up is so easy, after the unit has cooled, just wipe it down with a damp sponge, cloth or even a paper towel. Cleaning a greasy griddle has never been that easy. This is a restaurant quality machine. It weighs 24 pounds and its dimensions are 19x12x13 inches.

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The KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker offers:

  • Nonstick surface for easy clean up
  • Produces 2 waffles at a time
  • Cooking Timer display
  • Drip canals to prevent overflow

Here are a few customer reviews

Bob is a volunteer fireman and he boasts about the two KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Bakers they have at the firehouse. He says they have saved him on many occasions during his meal time duties. He said that it can be very difficult to feed hungry firemen and with his Proline waffle baker, he has pleased the masses. The guys are so happy that they have requested Bob cook more often. (More Reviews)

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