Oster CKSTWF40 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Oster CKSTWF40 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Oster CKSTWF40 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Mornings can be a very busy time for any size family. Making breakfast usually results in some cold cereal that doesn’t always get eaten. With the Oster four slice waffle maker, you could be cooking up fresh hot waffles for everyone. Wake up and smell the waffles cooking. They are sure to put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest morning person. This waffle make turns out delicious waffles so fast. You can make a whole weeks worth in one sitting. Put the extras in the freezer and just toss them into the toaster anytime you want that fresh homemade waffle taste.

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For the price, there is no better way to make perfect waffles fast and easy. Use your favorite family waffle recipe or use some great pre-made store bought waffle batter to get you going in a pinch. Fill the deep squares with syrup, butter, fresh strawberries or sliced bananas for that perfect waffle fix anytime. The nonstick cooking surface makes for super easy cleanup and you can stand the waffle maker upright for easy convenient storage on the counter or cupboard.

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The Oster CKSTWF40 4-Slice Waffle Maker offers:

  • Cooks four waffles in just minutes
  • No stick surface for easy cleaning
  • Handy auto shut-off feature
  • Locking handle keeps waffle batter in
  • Compact design for easy storage

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Jane loves the simplicity of this waffle maker. Her grandson asked her if she could make waffles when he came to visit. She thought this unit would work well. There are no confusing settings or knobs. The green light tells you when it is preheated and ready for batter. Making four waffles at once is just a bonus. It can cook for the whole family and have convenient left overs that fit perfectly in the toaster. Jane and her grandson love the waffles that it makes.
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